Ask Amy: Supplementing an Unpaid Apprenticeship

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Is it possible to balance an unpaid apprenticeship with a side job? I don’t want to pass up a great opportunity, but I need to support myself. —Caroline It is possible, as long as you choose the right type of job and maintain a very frugal lifestyle. You don’t want to pass up your apprenticeship,More »

Ask Amy: Pirouette Prep

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Do you have tips for prepping a pirouette with a straight back leg? I’m dancing a Balanchine ballet and I’m having trouble changing my technique. —Liza I was in a similar situation when I joined the Balanchine-based Suzanne Farrell Ballet mid-career. I had trained preparing for pirouettes with both legs in plié, so it wasMore »

Strategic Auditioning

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Have a question? Click here to send it to Amy and she might answer it in an upcoming issue! Should I bother auditioning for companies where I might not “fit in”? I don’t want to miss out on a potential opportunity, but I’m also trying to be realistic. —Abby There’s never any harm in auditioning,More »

Pulling Through

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I recently pulled a muscle in my hamstring, which has negatively affected my flexibility. Are there safe stretches to work through a pulled muscle? —Megan A pulled hamstring—tears that occur in the muscle when the hamstring is suddenly overstretched or overloaded—needs to be taken seriously if you want to heal properly. I didn’t take enoughMore »

Web Exclusive – Ask Amy

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I’m interested in eventually pursuing a career in the arts after I’m done dancing. What kinds of jobs are there in a ballet company besides the artistic director and teachers? —Kat A ballet company is just like any other business—outside of its artistic staff, there are numerous administrative positions for managing its day-to-day operations. ForMore »

Ask Amy: Strength and Stamina

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Have a question? Click here to send it to Pointe editor and former dancer Amy Brandt. I’m preparing to dance my first lead and I’m worried about my stamina. Do you have any tips for keeping your energy up during a taxing role? —Kennedy Building stamina is a gradual process—it’s not something you can whipMore »

Ask Amy: Reaching Your Healthy Weight

Have a question? Click here to send it to Pointe editor and former dancer Amy Brandt. At my last checkup my doctor said I needed to gain weight. I’m 91 pounds and 5′ 3″. I understand the health risks of being underweight, especially since I’m 17 and haven’t gotten my period yet, but I like myMore »