Director’s Notes: True Texas Spirit

Stanton Welch has transformed Houston Ballet into a leading force in the dance world. Artistic director Stanton Welch looks at home in Houston Ballet’s airy new Center for Dance. The windows of his office frame views of Houston’s tangled highways, the winding inner city river known as the bayou and the majestic Wortham Theater Center,More »

Europe Awaits

Dancing in Europe may seem like the ultimate ballet fantasy—elegant theaters, noble traditions, royalty in the audience—but careful planning and some strategic moves can actually get you there. Despite the current recession, some companies are hiring, and many more have pre-professional programs and second companies that prepare students for future opportunities. Here, several dancers whoMore »

Company Life: The Middleman

Sergei Danilian is a busy man. When he’s not producing star-filled programs like Kings of the Dance or presenting the Kirov’s U.S. tour, he’s managing the international careers of four of Russia’s biggest ballet stars: Natalia Osipova, Ivan Vasiliev, Diana Vishneva and Polina Semionova. “From one side it’s like being a matchmaker,” he says ofMore »

Director’s Notes: A Sense of Camaraderie

Pennsylvania Ballet’s Roy Kaiser inspires his dancers to develop their gifts. At eye level by Roy Kaiser’s desk is a photo of Philadelphia’s PECO skyscraper with the message “Save the Ballet” in lights. The picture is from 1991, when Pennsylvania Ballet was facing a financial meltdown. After 32 years with PA Ballet and 17 asMore »

From Screen to Stage – Web Exclusive

Look inside most company studios and—in addition to barres and a piano—you’ll likely find a television monitor, DVD player and VHS recorder. Production offices moonlight as video libraries, stacked with row after row of past performances. And with websites like YouTube, you can now watch umpteen versions of almost any variation instantly from home. VideosMore »

Company Life: A Change of Directors

Company dancers share a special bond with their artistic directors. For years, even decades, they spend every moment trying to impress that one person at the front of the room—and benefiting from that person’s mentorship. When a director leaves, it can seem like the world has been turned upside down. With a change of theMore »

Director’s Notes: Advice From The Majors

Boston Ballet artistic director Mikko Nissinen, now in his 10th year with the company, shares his audition tips. When I envision a ballet company of the future, I see a troupe that can perform many genres of dance at a high level. Today’s dancers shouldn’t be limited as specialists in one style. When looking forMore »

Director’s Notes: Dancing for the Punk Ballerina

Karole Armitage’s company oozes downtown cool. This may come as a bit of a surprise: The woman who choreographed Madonna’s music video for “Vogue” says she doesn’t care about  poses. For choreographer Karole Armitage, single silhouettes are just points on a line. “I’m not interested in positions, I’m interested in the path between them,” explainsMore »