Published August 3, 2015
Eating for safe weight gain, plus the benefits of pool workouts and how to split your saut de chat more »
Published June 1, 2015
At the beginning of your professional career, everything feels like a mystery. If only our older, wiser selves could divulge what mistakes and mentalities to avoid. Here, five seasoned, leading dancers share what they wish they had known at the start of their careers, and offer sage advice for those…more »
Published November 24, 2009
Q: How often should I practice in a tutu before a performance?Joan Latham, ballet mistress at Miami City Ballet: As often as you can—especially if you’re performing a pas de deux. It helps your partner because once you’re in a tutu, he can’t see your legs and it will get in his way during li…more »
Published November 24, 2009
If I’m trying to work through a minor injury, when do I know it’s time to sit out or see a doctor?Mickey Cassella, PT, director of physical therapy services at Boston Ballet: There’s no such thing as a “minor injury” when you’re a dancer. If you have a hint of something not feeling right…more »
Published November 24, 2009
What's a girl to do when her role calls for an awkward, cumbersome costume?more »
Published November 23, 2009
Having technical issues? Suzanne Farrell Ballet dancer Amy Brandt offers advice for improving your turnout, balance and toe strength.more »
Published November 23, 2009
A few weeks before the audition, write down corrections your teacher gives you in class to help you remember what you need to work on. If you have time, take a few extra classes. Take a good arabesque photo—one that’s in focus, centered and, most importantly, reflects what you can do. (Hint: Pi…more »
Published November 20, 2009
Suzanna Farrell Ballet dancer Amy Brandt answers your questions about auditions, demi-pointe and the most strategic training routes.more »