Erica Cornejo

Walking may seem like the simplest moment you have on stage. But the way in which you take a step can reveal volumes about your character. In Pointe’s April/May issue, four dancers spoke with writer Joseph Carman about how they approach the walking and running in their signature roles. Here, Boston Ballet principal Erica Cornejo offers her take on Kitri’s steps.



Boston Ballet

Erica Cornejo with husband Carlos Molina on the set of our photo shoot

Photo by Jayme Thornton

Published November 23, 2009
Erica Cornejo brings her unique magic to Boston Ballet.more »
Published November 23, 2009
Even the most gifted ballerinas have something they wish they could do better. Our cover model, Boston Ballet principal Erica Cornejo (see “Under Her Spell,” page 26), struggled, in her case, with doubting herself. “There’s a lot of competition, especially among female dancers,” she says. …more »