Your Best Body: Boosting Your Back Flexibility

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Your 20-Minute Savior

If you’re bogged down by stress, what’s the best way to spend downtime in between rehearsals? While getting lost in a book may sound like a smart escape, deep-breathing exercises can be more beneficial. A recent study in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine analyzed adults’ saliva at several intervals during 20 minutes of yogic breathing or reading a book of their choice. The breathing group had much lower levels of three cytokines, which are linked to inflammation and stress. Here’s one time putting your book down is worth it. You’ll step into your next rehearsal with an even clearer head.


Even if you’re in a relationship, don’t forget to be grateful for your pals this Valentine’s Day. Besides being able to laugh off a less-than-perfect performance or vent about a tough class, close friends also come with major health perks. The Mayo Clinic reports these four benefits of having a meaningful social circle:

  • decreased risk of depression
  • lower likelihood of high blood pressure
  • decreased risk of an unhealthy body mass index
  • a longer, fuller life


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