Show and Tell: Inside Brooke Klinger's Dance Bag

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet dancer Brooke Klinger shows us what she brought to perform at Jacob's Pillow.
Published in the April/May 2006 issue.

Show and Tell: Inside Brooke Klinger's Dance Bag

Courtesy of Rosalie O’Connor

A founding member of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Brooke Klinger celebrates 10 years with the company this year. Her Tumi duffle bag (she found it on eBay) is packed to the gills to accommodate the range of shoes that she needs for ASFB’s repertoire: pointe shoes for Trey McIntyre’s Like a Samba, ballroom shoes for Twyla Tharp’s Sinatra Suite and jazz shoes for David Parsons’s Wolfgang. “I generally have six pairs of pointe shoes in my bag,” she says. “I always pack way too many, but what a nightmare if I were to run out!”

The Coeur d’Alene, Idaho native has a fear of boredom, so she always takes along her knitting supplies. “There is so much downtime—costume fittings, tech rehearsals, waiting in airports, the breaks between shows. I hate not being productive with my spare time,” says Klinger. “Knitting is portable, and it’s very relaxing. It’s the best nerve-calmer before a show that I have found.”

The Goods

Small bag with pointe shoe sewing supplies, jazz shoes, ballroom shoes, ballet slippers, pointe shoes, hairspray and hair gel, Altoids, water bottle, Emer’gen-C, granola bar, down booties, two massage balls, iPod mini, Ian McEwan’s Atonement, yarn, knitting needles, Prada sunglasses (a gift from a trunk show).