Show and Tell: Inside Meredith Webster's Dance Bag

Published in the Dec 2009/Jan 2010 issue.

Webster in her dressing room at The Joyce Theater in New York City

Photo by Rachel Papo

In her five seasons with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, with its tour-heavy schedule, Meredith Webster has honed the packing of her dance bag to a science.

“Of course you bring the essentials, but the ‘perfect pack’ is all about the little things that make you comfortable,” she says. “I probably could do without the tennis ball and the foot roller, for example, but they make my sore feet that much happier. And I always have dark chocolate on me.”

Though Webster now lives on the West Coast, she grew up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin—and she takes a bit of the Midwest with her wherever she goes. “I always have my Wigwam socks, and they’re actually made in my hometown!” she says. “My dad’s company used to make canvas products, including duffle bags, so when I was growing up we had a whole closet full of duffles at home. My current dance bag is one of them. It’s perfect for touring because it packs flat in my suitcase.”

The Goods

Clockwise from top: wooden foot roller (“from a hippie store”), two Yumiko leotards, canvas duffle, Wigwam socks, hairbrush, Traumeel anti-inflammatory cream, deodorant, tennis ball, canvas ballet slippers, two pairs of pointe shoes, various makeup and hair supplies, Lake Champlain brand dark chocolate.