Show and Tell: Inside Allynne Noelle's Dance Bag

Published in the December 2012/January 2013 issue.

Photo by Rose Eichenbaum

Los Angeles Ballet principal Allynne Noelle recently passed a milestone: She graduated to a “big kid” dance bag. “I always used to have some girly, ballerina-y thing,” she says. “But this is a nice leather Gräf & Lantz bag—very sophisticated. It feels good to finally be a grown-up.”

A grown-up who still has a keen sense of fun, of course. Take Noelle’s Sigg water bottle, which is not only pink but also covered in little swans. “It’s called ‘Swan Dive,’ ” she says. “We were just starting Swan Lake when I saw it at the store, and I thought, I just can’t pass this up.” And the photo she carries of her beloved boxer-lab mix, Dolce, isn’t your average pet portrait. “Believe it or not, she’s actually wearing an Agon leotard,” Noelle says, with a laugh. “When I was dancing with Miami City Ballet, the wardrobe guy just loved her, and would make her little costumes all the time—he cut a tail hole in the leo for her. This photo is my savior. If I’m having a bad rehearsal day, it’s guaranteed to make me smile.” P

The Goods
2nd Skin Squares, iPod, Altoids, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream bar (“It’s my sugar fix, every single day”), Victoria’s Secret Noir perfume, water spritz bottle (to soften her pointe shoes), CDs, flat shoes, Anne Taintor bag (for Band-Aids), Diet Pepsi (“I know it’s going to be a bad day if I’m opening it before barre is over”), hair spray, lotion, photo of Dolce, card from fellow LAB principal Allyssa Bross (“She gave it to me at the beginning of Swan Lake rehearsals—it’s incredibly sweet”), legwarmers, trash bag shorts, first-aid powder (“It’s from a Chinese acupuncture store. It sucks all the moisture out of your feet, which helps with blisters”), Emergen-C, pack of super glue (for her shoes), The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene (“Apparently it’s a fascinating book, but I’ve barely had a chance to crack it open”), hairbrush, water bottle, tennis ball, roll of tape (“My philosophy used to be, ‘the less you tape your feet, the fewer problems you’ll have’—but then we started Swan Lake!”), back warmer.