Inside Joaquin De Luz's Dance Bag

Published in the December 2010/January 2011 issue.

Photo by Kyle Froman

Initially, the contents of New York City Ballet principal Joaquin De Luz’s dance bag seem all over the place. Sigmund Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents? Surf magazine? A journal full of scribbles, paintings and pictures? A dog toy? Who is this guy?


A modern-day Renaissance man, as it turns out. The Spaniard is reading Freud for his LEAP (Liberal Education for Arts Professionals) class in English composition: “We have to ‘critically analyze’ the book,” he says, “which I’m nervous about.” Surf magazine is his “happy place”: “I love surfing, and sometimes at the end of a tough seven-hour rehearsal day, I’ll look through the magazine and pretend I’m at the beach.” His journal is actually a kind of travel diary: “I like to write about and paint all the places I visit.” And the dog toy is for girlfriend (and fellow NYCB principal) Tiler Peck’s dog Cali: “I’m the daddy, and Cali’s a daddy’s girl.”


The item he can’t live without, however, is more practical. “About a year ago I saw a runner with this massage roller in Central Park, and I asked him what it was,” he says. “Now I roll my quads out on it every day. It’s changed my life!”


The Goods

Leather duffel (“I got it at Barney’s on sale. I like to be fashionable—I’m European!”), heel pads, ballet shoes, massage roller, The Girl Who Played with Fire (“It seems like everyone is reading it these days”), photos of his family and girlfriend Tiler Peck, Surf magazine, journal, Starbucks VIA instant coffee, iPhone charger, pendant (an image of his grandfather, who was a bullfighter in Spain), towel, Emergen-C, gum, vitamins, Thera-Band, Spain soccer jersey (“Ever since they won the World Cup I’ve carried it with me everywhere”), cologne, hair pomade, massage balls, hand sanitizer, wrist warmer, dog toy, Civilization and Its Discontents.