Show and Tell: Inside Natalia Magnicaballi's Dance Bag

Published in the February/March 2011 issue.

Photo by Rosalie O'Connor

Natalia Magnicaballi is one of those rare dancers who juggle full schedules with two separate companies: Since 2002, she’s performed with both Ballet Arizona and as a principal with The Suzanne Farrell Ballet (which she joined in 1999). “I’m back and forth all the time—one week here, two weeks there,” she says.


Her dance bag, made by Munder Skiles, is tough enough to withstand her nonstop travel. “This brand also sells outdoor furniture, and the bag is made of the same plastic—so when I travel, the shape doesn’t change,” Magnicaballi explains. She learned the hard way to always carry her pointe shoes with her on the plane. “Once they made me check my bag, and I was not smart enough to take my pointe shoes out,” she says. “Naturally, it didn’t arrive on time. The next day I had rehearsal with Suzanne Farrell—and I didn’t have any shoes!”


Besides the five or six pairs of pointe shoes she now keeps with her at all times, Magnicaballi carries only the essentials—with a few sentimental exceptions. “I have a couple of lucky charms: a T-shirt from the tango school that my husband owns, and also my shawl, which my aunt made for me when I was 15,” she says. “That shawl has been wrapped around my neck before every show for many years.”


The Goods
Pointe shoes, flat shoes, black down booties, photo of Magnicaballi with her husband, Andy (“We are in the Teatro Cervantes in Buenos Aires”), Clarins lipgloss, Lucky No. 6 perfume, hand-made shawl, T-shirt, Orbit gum, banana, Suzanne Farrell Ballet luggage tag with an image of Magnicaballi in Balanchine’s Tzigane (a role Farrell created), water bottle.