Show and Tell: Inside Sarah Lane's Dance Bag

Published in the February/March 2012 issue.

Photo by Nathan Sayers.

Sarah Lane’s dance bag is an organization-lover’s dream. The American Ballet Theatre soloist keeps her essentials meticulously arranged inside with several smaller bags: one for sewing supplies, one for makeup, one for hairpins and Thera-Bands. “It helps me keep things simple so I don’t carry around too much, because I don’t want to be hard on my shoulders,” she says. “Then again, looking at this big pile, I’m starting to think maybe I’m not such a minimalist after all!”

Lane definitely isn’t a minimalist when it comes to her perfume collection. “I get sick of scents quickly, so I buy the tiny samples and change them up all the time,” she says. “Right now I’m loving perfumes by CLEAN and Michael Kors. I also love my Fresh tinted lip gloss, which is pretty and easy, perfect for the studio. I’m such a girl when it comes to perfume and makeup—I could get lost in Sephora.”
But her must-have item is less girly: “My gel toe spacers, for my bunions,” she says. “Kind of gross, but I can’t dance without them.”

The Goods

Green bag with hairpins and Thera-Bands, Kings & Queens Sultan of Granada Lemon Flower shower gel (“Sometimes if I’m too tired to warm up again before a show, I’ll take a quick shower to get me ready to go”), pointe shoes, red-and-black bag with makeup and perfumes, exercise ball (“It’s actually a dryer ball—I saw it in Bed Bath & Beyond one day and thought, ‘Ooh, my hip flexors would like that!’ ”), flowered bag with sewing supplies, flip flops (to wear in the studio showers), foot roller.