Show and Tell: Inside Isabelle Ciaravola's Dance Bag

Published in the June/July 2013 issue.

Isabelle Ciaravola photographed by Kyle Froman for Pointe

Don’t be fooled by the bright ensemble Paris Opéra Ballet étoile Isabelle Ciaravola is wearing in this photo. Yes, it’s very chic—but it’s a far cry from her usual all-black uniform. “Everything, everything I have is black,” she says, motioning to her pile of black warm-ups. “But of course. It’s very easy to wear.” And very French.

Ciaravola’s bag is also French through and through: Black, naturally, and bearing the logo of Paris’s famous Ladurée bakery. “They have the absolute best macarons in the world,” she says.

But while she may be oh-so-Parisian, Ciaravola was on tour in New York with POB when we spoke, and the U.S. seemed to be growing on her. Not only had she been able to stock up on Jet Glue—“You can’t find it in France, so I’m like, Give me more, more!”—she had also been enjoying a little Broadway. She calls her small red tote her “Mary Poppins” bag, but not, as we assumed, because you can fit a lot in it. “Oh, no—I got it at Mary Poppins, the musical!” she says. “I am like a child. I bought a bunch of umbrellas, too.”  

The Goods
Pointe shoes, hard candy (“without it my mouth gets all dry”), Synthol solution (“It’s a freshener for your legs and feet, from France”), Dance Pro Gel Flash (“It smells great, minty—nice for the ankles”), acerola tablets (“for vitamin C”), water bottle, tissues, foam roller, small purse (“for backstage—for class I need the big one”), warm-up booties, trash bag warmers, Inergy cream (“It’s supposed to improve your endurance. It might be all in my head, but I think it helps me!”), Corsican good luck charms (“My family is from Corsica, and these charms came from my mother and grandmother”), Jet Glue, Mary Poppins bag, Godiva chocolate, Ladurée bag