Inside Tiler Peck's Dance Bag

Published in the October/November 2009 issue.

Photo by Nathan Sayers

You wouldn’t expect a research paper on the Fifth Amendment to be the first item that Tiler Peck would pull out of her dance bag. But the New York City Ballet soloist is also a part-time student at Fordham University. “I don’t have a major yet, but I love math!” she says. “I hope I’ll eventually get a business degree. Right now I’m just getting core curriculum classes out of the way.”

Peck’s bag always includes her pointe shoe accessory kit, a gift from best friend and former NYCB corps member Rachel Piskin. “I used to have to borrow Band-Aids, thread, tape and stuff from her every day because I always forgot mine,” says Peck. “So for my birthday she gave me this bag full of everything I’d need. It was the perfect present.”

One thing Peck didn’t have in her bag when Pointe caught up with her was Cali, Peck’s new maltipoo puppy. “She usually comes to the studio and theater with me. She’s so small she fits right inside my bag!” says Peck. But she did have a photo of Cali with boyfriend Joaquin De Luz (an NYCB principal) set as the background on her iPhone. “My phone is actually one of my favorite things in my bag,” she says, “because it has my family and everyone I love in it.”

The Goods

Bag by Free People, sweatshirt, theater slippers from Anthropologie, Bødtcher jumpsuit, legwarmers, pink tights, zip-up sweater, short jumper, water bottle, wallet, two Yumiko leotards, white ballet slippers, hairpins, 4 pairs of Freed pointe shoes, lacrosse ball, research paper, Balance Bar, Altoids, pointe shoe kit (with dental floss, scissors, Band-Aids, Hot Stuff glue, Ouch Pouch juniors, Bunheads clear stretch tips), doggy treats, iPhone, iPod