Show and Tell: Inside Natalia Alonso's Dance Bag

Published in the October/November 2012 issue.

Photo by Nathan Sayers

Complexions Contemporary Ballet dancer Natalia Alonso leads a colorful life—literally. “I’m a color girl!” she says. “I’m always wearing at least one bright accessory.” When she’s in the studio, that’s usually her trusty hot-pink legwarmers, or the patterned scarf given to her by Complexions directors Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden during the company’s recent tour to Italy. And forget about no-nonsense black totes. “My sister-in-law gave me this Le Sportsac bag a couple of years ago for my birthday,” Alonso says. “She saw all the colors and knew it’d be perfect for me.”

Speaking of colors that are perfect for her: Complexions dancers wear flesh-toned shoes, and for most company members, getting the right shade requires a lot of pre-show pancaking. But for Alonso, “there’s no customization required,” she says. “Sansha happens to make shoes in a color that’s exactly my tone. It’s kind of crazy.”

The Goods
Le Sportsac bag, DL Fit ball (“It’s a massage, exercise and stability ball all in one—I never leave home without it”), scarf, water, iPhone (“Smartphones are just a human necessity at this point”), ballet slippers, legwarmers, vitamins, Altoids, Dove deodorant and body mist, Barre bars (“My favorite! I love that they’re made by dancers, for dancers”), iPod (“It has everything—music I dance to, music I teach to, music that helps me forget that I’m nervous if I’m about to dance…”), Kindle.