2016 Higher Ed Guide

These days, many ballet dancers are opting to earn their college diploma before they score a company contract. Because there are dozens of degree programs that emphasize ballet, going to school doesn’t mean you’re setting your dreams aside. We’ve gathered 100 college dance programs with bunheads in mind, and many offer scholarships specifically for danceMore »

Reverence: Boldly Beautiful

Witts in "Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project" (photo by Tony Spielberg, courtesy Ballet Austin)

How do you divide your career between talent and pure determination?You need equal parts talent, determination and luck. Someone needs to see you, feel like you’re interesting enough to hire and have a spot available in their company. I don’t really look like a typical ballet dancer—and plenty of people told me that it wouldMore »

The College-Company Connection

Informal connections between BFA programs and professional troupes have been around for decades. But in the last dozen years, some companies and universities began formalizing their relationships, creating joint BFA/trainee programs that provide enrollees both significant pre-professional experience and a four-year degree. In a time of shrinking job opportunities and rising tuition costs, that makesMore »