#TBT: Tamara Rojo and Carlos Acosta in Manon (2004)

Former Royal Ballet principals Tamara Rojo and Carlos Acosta are notably one of the best couples to perform together. In this clip of Manon, it’s clear that Rojo and Acosta have an unadulterated chemistry, even with the pas de deux’s technically exhaustive demands. Like Romeo and Juliet, Manon tells the story of star-crossed lovers. ThoughMore »

Watch ENB’s Emerging Dancer Competition Live

It’s one thing to receive a nod of approval from your boss, but imagine how special it must feel to be validated by your fellow company members. Tomorrow, six English National Ballet dancers—Isabelle Brouwers, Jeanette Kakereka, Rina Kanehara, Erik Woolhouse, Daniele Silingardi and Cesar Corrales—will compete for the company’s seventh annual Emerging Dancer Award. AndMore »

Meet the Candidates of English National Ballet’s Emerging Dancer Award

Each year, English National Ballet gives one company member the Emerging Dancer Award. Meet this year’s finalists—three men and three women in the company who will compete in front of a distinguished panel of judges on Tuesday, May 17: For more news on all things ballet, don’t miss a single issue.

Catching Up with Isaac Hernández

At 25, Isaac Hernández is entering his prime, and he knows it. This eternally restless dancer, already a veteran of two companies, recently found a home at a third, English National Ballet. There, he has been paired with the eminent ballerinas Tamara Rojo (his boss) and Alina Cojocaru. His has been an impressive ascent forMore »

#TBT: Tamara Rojo in Snow White (2006)

  Although it’s hard for me to imagine Tamara Rojo, the strong and savvy dancing director of the English National Ballet, as a helpless maiden (or to look away from those steely legs), she wonderfully captures Snow White’s sweet charm. This 2006 clip is from the balletic adaptation of the tale directed by Emilio AragónMore »

#TBT: Alina Cojocaru as Clara in The Nutcracker (2000)

In this clip from The Royal Ballet’s 2000 production of The Nutcracker, a 19-year-old Alina Cojocaru, now a principal with the English National Ballet, does the near impossible: she makes Clara’s adoration for a nutty-looking wooden doll appear genuine. Cojocaru aptly navigates the role’s acting challenges: Clara must have both girlish innocence and womanly poise.More »

Leading by Example

While the 20th century brought a number of high-profile dancing directors, from Rudolf Nureyev in Paris to Mikhail Baryshnikov at American Ballet Theatre, most today don’t juggle the highly demanding tasks of simultaneously performing and managing a company. Tamara Rojo is one prominent exception: The Spanish ballerina left The Royal Ballet to become director ofMore »

English National Ballet’s Success at Glastonbury

Who would have thought that the English National Ballet would be popular with an early-morning music festival crowd? In past years Glastonbury—a major music festival in England—has experiemented with several different kinds of performances for its Sunday morning slot. This year, the English National Ballet took the stage to perform Akram Khan’s Dust, a ballet about women during World War I.