Contemporary Ballet

Strathmeyer rehearsing Winter. (Photo by Amanda Tipton, Courtesy Wonderbound)

The first time I saw William Forsythe’s choreography I hated it. Passionately.

I’d just started at NYU and our choreography class was required to see Ballett Frankfurt out in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, my parents happened to be in town that weekend. But I brought them along, assuming anything called “ballet” would be safe.

Published December 9, 2009
These days, ballet dancers must be open to dancing a range of styles. more »
Published November 30, 2009
Well stocked with talent and money Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet looks for success.more »
Published November 25, 2009
In contemporary ballet, choreographers and dancers work together to redefine the limits of the art form. more »
Published November 23, 2009
Choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui describes his imaginative, multilayered work as "storybooks in motion." This July at the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival , the accomplished dancers of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet will tackle Cherkaoui's latest story: Orbo Novo (New World), set to original score by…more »
Published November 23, 2009
Although Ulysses Dove’s Red Angels—a cyclone of a contemporary ballet for two couples, set to a ferocious score for electric violin—premiered 15 years ago, it continues to enthrall audiences and inspire dancers. “When you’re dancing it, there is a sense of urgency, an infectiousness,” re…more »