New York City Ballet

Wendy Whelan

Photo by Sarah Silver; hair and makeup by Roberto Gonzalez; gown by Jimmy Gamba; earrings courtesy of H.Stern

Published December 9, 2009
New York City Ballet soloist Sterling Hyltin shows us how she keeps warm in class and more.more »

Show and Tell: Inside Sterling Hyltin's Dance Bag

Courtesy of Andrew French

Published December 9, 2009
Three New York–area dancers talk about adjusting to company life. more »

Photo by Nathan Sayers

Published December 3, 2009
Dance critics discuss their quest for greatness.more »
Published November 30, 2009
New York City Ballet's Peter Martins puts his own stamp on a new production of "Romeo and Juliet".more »
Published November 24, 2009
There are more demands than ever on NYCB principals. How do Ashley Bouder, Sterling Hyltin and Sara Mearns handle it? Peek inside their routines.more »
Published November 24, 2009
Fifty years after its debut, "Agon" has withstood the test of time.more »
Published November 24, 2009
When George Balanchine began his U.S. career 76 years ago, he chose the most talented dancers he could find in a place where ballet was still a fledgling art. The Balanchine ballerinas had grace, style and glamour, as do today’s New York City Ballet principals. But the dancers who now leap across …more »