Pacific Northwest Ballet

Successful ballet dancers all share one trait: a relentless determination to improve. To close out 2012, Pointe reached out to dancers we covered this past year to find out their resolutions for the next one.


Any ballet fanatic worth her salt has seen dozens of YouTube clips of the Black Swan pas de deux, and probably even knows the music and steps by heart. But do you ever wonder if the choreography has stayed the same since 1895 when Marius Petipa first choreographed it?

Although performance weeks are the highlight of the season, they can be tricky to get through. Opening night is filled with excitement and adrenaline. But as you repeat the performance night after night, it becomes ever more difficult to find that same energy. One secret weapon? Post-show protein. It helps your muscles recover and loads you up with stamina for the next day.


What is it that makes certain performers magnetic?

This past weekend I saw Pacific Northwest Ballet perform at the Joyce here in New York City. I was taken aback by the bevy of beautiful bodies onstage. Almost every female dancer had exquisitely long limbs, ideal ballet proportions, feet to die for and even model-worthy facial features. They were Ballerina Barbie come to life—if Ballerina Barbie had been designed by George Balanchine.

Published December 11, 2009
Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Mara Vinson Brand: Freed of LondonSize: 5XXXMaker: Mostly “key”Padding: None!Years wearing this shoe: Eight or nineBreak-in process: She removes the heel section of the shank and softens the box with herfingers, then applies glue to both the tip and shank.Number…more »
Published December 11, 2009
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Published November 24, 2009
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Published November 23, 2009
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Published November 23, 2009
Although Ulysses Dove’s Red Angels—a cyclone of a contemporary ballet for two couples, set to a ferocious score for electric violin—premiered 15 years ago, it continues to enthrall audiences and inspire dancers. “When you’re dancing it, there is a sense of urgency, an infectiousness,” re…more »