Megan LeCrone Talks city.ballet.

November 28, 2001

Can’t get enough of
? Every Monday, we’ll be posting a new interview with a different cast member from the AOL On docu-series about New York City Ballet. This week, we talk to soloist Megan LeCrone.

One of the reasons we find city.ballet. is so appealing is that the show’s production team managed to get honest—sometimes brutally honest—interviews out of NYCB’s dancers. There isn’t a sense that they’re on their best behavior. They just seem like themselves.

Soloist Megan LeCrone has some especially raw moments during her interview sessions, discussing her frustrations with her injuries, her slow rise at the company and the limited time she actually gets onstage. “I think after some of the interviews I was like, Whoa, did I just give too much information?” she says, laughing. “But in the end I had no regrets. Over-sharing in this context is a good thing. We want to give people a real idea of what this job is like.”

Why did she feel so comfortable opening up? Because she trusted that executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s also on NYCB’s board, would make sure she and all the dancers were presented in a positive light. “One of the most important things for her was our comfort level,” LeCrone says. “We had a big meeting about it, and she explained her idea for the show—that she wanted to protect us, even as she invited people into our world.”

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