Second Guest Post by ABT's (Adorable) Clara

November 28, 2001

This is the second guest blog post by student Catherine Hurlin, who’s rehearsing the role of Clara for ABT’s new
Nutcracker. Stay tuned for more posts from Catherine!

Hey everyone!

This week’s rehearsal was all about the kitchen scene and the Polichinelles. The kitchen scene is basically the prologue of The Nutcracker. The scene includes me (Clara), my brother Fritz, our parents, several chefs, cooks, nurses and a little surprise visitor–but you’ll have to see the show to find out who that is. My parents, the chefs and nurses are all played by company dancers. Some of them are actually in Cuba this week for the Havana International Dance Festival. But usually it’s pretty cool and exciting to work with company members.

In addition to being Clara, I have been cast as an understudy Polichinelle–you know, one of the little kids who come out from underneath Mother Ginger’s skirt. This scene is fun because I get to work with dancers who are younger, littler, and cuter than me. They’re great, but some of them need help. So I’ve been helping Ms. [Kate] Lydon and Ms. [Joanna] Butow, our rehearsal directors, teach them the choreography and show them where they need to go. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s rehearsal because I get to work with Mother Ginger.

Tell you more next week. See ya!