Ballet's Biggest Power Couple: Robert Fairchild & Tiler Peck

November 28, 2001

Robert Fairchild, we are more than happy to show you our love. The New York City Ballet principal appears in Vanity Fair‘s October issue with his fiancée, Tiler Peck. There are two gorgeous photographs by Bruce Weber, but our favorite is this one (right), where Fairchild’s wearing a shirt that asks, “Show Me Your Love.”


But does he really need to ask for it? Everyone seems gaga for this power couple right now. Not only do they dominate in the repertory at NYCB, but their resumés also boast guest appearances on “Dancing with the Stars,” in the New York Philharmonic’s Carousel, and at almost every ballet festival and gala across the globe. The latest news, out yesterday, is that Peck will star in Little Dancer, the Susan Stroming musical about Degas’ muse, which will be performed at The Kennedy Center next year. As Damian Woetzel writes in this VF spotlight, Fairchild and Peck “constantly redefine what it means to be dancers of today.”