"Breaking Pointe" Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

November 28, 2001

Is it possible for a ballet dancer to get both her dream job and her prince? This week’s episode of “Breaking Pointe,” titled “Love or Ballet,” would make it seem that in ballet, careers and relationships are two parts of life you can’t have at the same time.


We see Christiana and Chris trying to deal with their fracturing marriage while working together in the studio. As hard as they try to save their problems for after hours, it can’t help but distract their focus.


Meanwhile, Allison has to decide whether she’s ready to sacrifice her career for her relationship. This whole season, she’s seemed intent on retiring so she can marry her boyfriend in Detroit—until last night, when Adam, Ballet West’s artistic director, asked her whether she still loves to dance, then offered her the promotion to soloist that she’d been dreaming of.


Personally, I hope Allison stays at Ballet West. Not because I believe that dancers should never leave ballet to pursue other dreams. But Allison says she hasn’t reached her best as a ballet dancer yet, and giving up the chance to get there to marry a man who doesn’t support her career—we learn this episode that he’s never come to Utah to watch her perform—seems like a recipe for regret. She tells him, with a girlish smile, that if he just saw her dance, he’d understand why she couldn’t give it up. I think she’s right.