Bunheads: Step Out of the Pantsuit

November 28, 2001

In this week’s episode of “Bunheads,” we see playful performances from two dancers, each at different stages of life, each confronting different insecurities. As Ginny watches her dance friends leave the studio to socialize—Sasha flirting with Roman and Melanie being captivated by Cozette and roller-derby—she isolates herself in the dressing room alone. Her friends ignore her when she states her intention to audition for the school play, convinced that, based on her past actions, she will chicken out at the last moment. In a parallel storyline, Michelle confronts the town preservation society for permission to build an amphitheater, wearing a pantsuit to express her power. Despite her success, she never feels quite at home in her grown-up pantsuit.


Ginny and Michelle’s stories intersect when Michelle helps Ginny practice her audition for Bells are Ringing. In an unconscious and inappropriate, yet charming, move, Michelle completely upstages Ginny, taking over her performance. It’s a far cry from her discomfort in the pantsuit: Michelle shines as she sings and dances, becoming completely at one with her character. We then see Ginny hesitate as she approaches the door to the audition. But she works up the guts to go through with the audition after Frankie tells her that “there are things known, and things unknown, and in between there are doors.” It’s smart advice for any dancer who’s nervous to face her fear of rejection. It takes courage, but stepping out of any claustrophoic pantsuits to express your true inner self is totally worth it.