Capturing Movement In a Photo

November 28, 2001

Bugge’s take on the Royal Danish Ballet in
La Bayadére

The best ballet photographers have the intuition of a dancer. They know exactly how to catch the greatest height of a jump or the top of an arabesque. But form aside, very few can translate the thrill and emotion of live performance. Photographer Ingrid Bugge spent two years following the Royal Danish Ballet to try and truly capture movement in pictures. With a little help from technology, she layered her images to give the viewer a feeling of depth. Sure, there are some less than ideal claw hands and bent legs in these transitional moments, but if you step back and take in the whole frame, it really does capture something that a still of a perfectly arched foot can’t. Check out her photos on her website, as well as a great video that shows the photos being layered, one frame at a time.