Celebrating 10 Years Of "Pointe" Magazine

November 28, 2001

The ballet world was just beginning to buzz about New York City Ballet’s Daniel Ulbricht when Pointe profiled him in our October/November 2002 issue (“Jump Start,” p. 54). Then just an 18-year-old corps member, Ulbricht was earning raves for his vivacious, dazzling pyrotechnics.

“I remember when I first started getting Pointe thinking, ‘Wow, I’d love to be in there someday,’ ” Ulbricht says, laughing. “So when it did happen, I was thrilled.”

Now a principal, Ulbricht has developed into a sophisticated performer with uncanny musicality. His devilish sense of humor, however, remains unchanged. In the 2002 article, Ulbricht talked about his infamously hilarious impressions of other company members taking barre. At the time, he was working on Nikolaj Hübbe. Little has changed: Today, he’s mastering his imitation of fellow principal Nilas Martins. “I always take my work seriously,” he says, “but I’ll never take myself seriously!” —Margaret Fuhrer