Forget About Six Small Meals Per Day?

November 28, 2001

It seems like each new health study contradicts the last.


For as long as I can remember, we’ve been told that eating several small meals throughout the day is much better for us than eating a few bigger meals. But let’s be honest: Sometimes this rule just doesn’t work in our schedules or fit our natural hunger patterns. A new study, reported on, says that eating two large meals throughout the day may actually lead to a lower body weight than six small meals. During the study, one group ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with small snacks in between, while the other ate a large breakfast and large late lunch. The results? The second group who ate two meals ended up with a lower body weight.

We’re not at all suggesting that anyone, especially active dancers, skip dinner. All we’re pointing out is that your body can tell you everything a study can’t: Only you know when you need more fuel. So if you’re craving more than that post-lunch snack, eat it! If you’re feeling full, don’t! As all of these studies show, there’s truly no right or wrong.