Forthcoming Documentary Featuring Joy Womack

November 28, 2001
Ballet documentaries, why are you so few and far between? We have to wait until next summer for the documentary Black Ballerina, which promises a candid discussion of racial disparities in the ballet world. And the latest buzz— Another Adventure, featuring Joy Womack—is still making the indie festival rounds, without a release date in sight.

Womack was the first American to graduate from the Bolshoi Ballet’s academy and the first American woman to dance with the company. She left the Bolshoi in November, 2013, accusing the company of demanding that she pay a monetary bribe to dance soloist roles. She is now a principal dancer at the Kremlin Ballet Theater in Moscow, Russia.

The film features Womack’s personal relationship with fellow dancer Nikita Ivanov-Goncharov, and promises to take viewers inside the world of Russian ballet.

Given Womack’s unique story, the controversy surrounding the Bolshoi, and the fact that she has forged her own path as an artist, it seems likely that American ballet audiences will be interested in seeing this film. Let’s hope it gets broad distribution soon!


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