Inside the Life of a Dance Photographer

November 28, 2001

Here at Pointe, we’re lucky to work with several of the ballet world’s best photographers. While some of them came to dance photography through roundabout routes, others were dancers first. And former dancers have an insider’s understanding of how to capture that perfect ballet moment in a photograph.

One of the dancers-turned-photographers on our roster is the wonderful Kyle Froman, previously of New York City Ballet. Kyle just gave an extensive interview to Broadway World about how he discovered dance—and, later, photography. It’s a fascinating read.

“I first became interested in photography during the Nutcracker season of 2005,” he says. “I can only explain it as I started seeing pictures. I’d catch glimpses during barre and throughout my day and night.”

You can see Froman’s work for Pointe in many of our monthly Show and Tell columns. He also shot our recent photo essay about up-and-coming NYCB dancer and choreographer Justin Peck. Stay tuned for more of his photography in our December/January issue.