Studio to Street: Marcelo Gomes

January 21, 2014

When it comes to his look outside the studio, American Ballet Theatre principal Marcelo Gomes errs on the formal side. “Now that I’m choreographing, I often have lunch meetings with designers and composers,” he says. “It’s easier to not have to think about what I wear and just put on a suit.” At our shoot, he wore a wool jacket, accented with leather-paneled sleeves, over a classic flannel ensemble. His latest purchase? “A green blazer made entirely of velvet,” he laughs—a touch of retro elegance, like Gomes himself.

Photo by Kyle Froman

The Details—Studio

“I have about 300 that my Japanese fans made.”

Under Armour top:
“I start class in layers—three pairs of bottoms, a shirt and a sweater.”

Yumiko unitard:
“I wear it as tights, folded down. The extra fabric keeps me warm.”

Canvas ballet shoes:
“These Sansha shoes come in flesh tone—stage-ready, so I don’t have to pancake them.”

Photo by Kyle Froman

The Details—Street

Jacket by South Korean brand SONGZIO:
“I do most of my shopping on tour. For summer clothes, my favorite place to shop is my home, Brazil, because the fabrics there are so light.”

Club Monaco suit:
“I wear a lot of gray. It goes with anything.”

Prada shoes:
“I would rather buy one item that will last many years than have a lot that will only get me through a season.”