Joffrey Launches Gerald Arpino Foundation

November 28, 2001

The Joffrey Ballet recently announced the launch of the Gerald Arpino Foundation, which will lease the rights to ballets by Gerald Arpino and Robert Joffrey. Harriet Ross, director of the foundation, notes that for Arpino and Joffrey, “the company was the focus, not getting their creations out there.” But the death of both men has underscored the importance of preserving and sharing their dances. “It’s in their work that their legacy lies, and these ballets are incredible pieces of theater,” Ross says.

Thirty-five ballets (including Arpino’s Light Rain, pictured) will be available immediately, with others to follow. Among those tasked with setting the works are Joffrey Ballet Master Charthel Arthur and former Joffrey Associate Artistic Director Cameron Basden. “In all we have 61 ballets,” says Ross, “and it is our goal to eventually make every one available.”

Gwynned Vetter-Drusch