Lauren Fadeley on Her Move to Miami City Ballet

June 14, 2016

In April, longtime Pennsylvania Ballet principal Lauren Fadeley made a surprising announcement: She was leaving the company to join Miami City Ballet as a soloist. Pointe spoke with Fadeley during her first rehearsals in the Sunshine State.

How did you decide on Miami City Ballet?

I grew up in Orlando, so I’d always been really interested in MCB–I actually auditioned here over 10 years ago. When I emailed Lourdes Lopez, she invited me to come for at least three days to get a sense of the company. The process was great: It felt like I was taking class with my friends as opposed to auditioning.

What have you been rehearsing?

Myrtha–which I’ve never done before–and also Giselle. I think I’m the only one who is rehearsing both. Being the new person, they’re like, “Here. Let’s test you out!” It’s been funny because in Act II I have to remind myself which role I’m doing. But it’s definitely helping with my versatility.

Any advice for dancers about embracing change?

When you look at my resumé, it seems like I’m a pro at change, but I actually despise it. For this last move, I was at a place where I could either give up and quit dancing or give it one last push and see if the right environment would help me flourish again. I’m doing everything scary all at once: moving, learning to drive again, doing a podcast. But knowing it’s a growth experience helps. My advice would be to believe that you have confidence even if you don’t. Just telling yourself you can do it will help you go far.

How did you get into podcasting?

I’d worked with Kimberly Falker before on her “Balancing Pointe” podcast. Once she found out I was coming to Miami, she thought I would be a great candidate to do my own. It’s cathartic for me. I almost feel like it’s like writing in a diary, but it’s out there for everyone to hear. It’s called “ReDiscovering the Dream,” and it’s on the Premier Dance Network. It started when I was about to leave Philly, and right now, I’m talking about the day-to-day workings of being in Miami City Ballet and moving my whole life there.

Fadeley will make her Miami City Ballet debut in October, but you can stream her new podcast, “ReDiscovering the Dream” now.