Marvelous Marcelo

November 28, 2001

I wish Marcelo Gomes were my best friend. The man is a joyous ball of energy that I want to share mac & cheese with, and take out disco dancing on a Saturday night, and maybe swap some juicy gossip with while getting our toenails painted. So far, I’ve settled for simply watching his glorious dancing at ABT. But I just found out there’s a new documentary about him in the works, called “Marcelo Gomes: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer.” Filmmakers David Barba and James Pellerito (of “Pop Star On Ice” and “Be Good Johnny Weir”) have been following Gomes on his performances around the world on and off for the past two years. They want to showcase the unique challenges of being a male ballet star—and what takes to make a truly great one. Check out the trailer on their Kickstarter page where they’re still raising funds to complete the rest of the filming. They’ve already got 178 backers pledging $22,343, and you better believe I’m keeping my fingers crossed that final $7,657 comes through.