Your New Favorite App: "Stickers for Dancers"

October 20, 2016

When Apple added stickers as part of its latest software update, it opened up a whole new world of fun texting options. But let’s be real—many of the standard stickers are kind of irrelevant to the life of a dancer.

That’s where “Stickers for Dancers” comes in. Designed by Khara Hanlon, a former Dance Magazine editor, the app offers a treasure trove of 100 dance-themed stickers, and they go way beyond the typical images of pointe shoes and jewelry-box ballerinas you might expect.

The stickers capture the little quirks and inside jokes that only dancers can relate to, and they’re endlessly entertaining. There are bottles of pointe shoe glue, toe pads, lambswool and bobby pins. There’s dance-y wordplay (“pas de chat later?”), bunhead smiley faces and a “merde” sticker that plays off of the popular “pile of poo” emoji. And there are colorful dancing figures in an array of poses and positions (Hanlon studied images of artists from companies like American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet for inspiration).

You can download the app for $0.99 from the iTunes App Store.


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