New Year's Resolution: Quinn Wharton

November 28, 2001

Successful ballet dancers all share one trait: a relentless determination to improve. To close out 2012,
Pointe reached out to dancers we covered this past year to find out their resolutions for the next one.


Quinn Wharton

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, formerly San Francisco Ballet


“I don’t really believe in setting things anew on a particular day, but I do like the idea of reaffirming your goals for the future. Something nice to measure your progress against. 

1) Cultivate creativity more. Allow room to be open to eccentric ideas and to actually pursue them. Particularly in my photography. 
2) Learn how to dance barefoot without tearing my feet up.
3) Learn how to write code for web development. 
4) Try to develop a Monday night salon that involves creative individuals.
5) Try not to get injured at all. That’s probably the hardest one to keep.”


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