What to Watch: BalletMet Prepping the Stage for "Nutcracker"

November 28, 2001

Without the dedication of dozens of technical crew members at each and every performance, ballet companies would be performing on bare, empty stages under flourescent lighting. Creating props, scenery, lighting and costumes for a performance is a huge undertaking, but the tech crew’s work isn’t done once the lighting is designed and the costumes are sewn. All of those materials have to be carefully transported to the theater, and the process of loading-in—setting everything up in the space—can take hours.

BalletMet Columbus shared a video showing their Nutcracker load-in—an eight-hour process—sped up into two minutes. Watch as the crew scurries around the stage, rolling out marley, adjusting lighting, hanging scenery and generally contributing to the Nutcracker magic. If you’re performing this season, remember to thank a crew member!