Show and Tell: Inside Ekaterina Kondaurova’s Dance Bag

November 28, 2001

Kirov Ballet second soloist Ekaterina Kondaurova’s dance bag reflects the many places she has traveled to perform. She bought the gum in Germany and the magnets and warming pads in Japan. The magnets are great, she says, “If you believe.” Just attach them to muscles that hurt and wear them until they fall off. And the warming pads, she says, “Don’t smell good but are effective—like Ben Gay.” Pointe caught up with her during her two-night appearance at New York City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival, where she performed Alexei Ratmansky’s Middle Duet. Her bag is light and easy to carry—perfect for someone on the go. In fact, she usually totes a roller for her back and an exercise band for her feet, but for this trip, she left the larger items at home. When asked about how much she does to alleviate aches and pains, she simply replies, “I work a lot.”

The Goods

Sewing kit (elastic, scissors, heel pads, needle, thread), Band-Aids and stickers for calluses, box of hair accessories (bobby pins, clips and elastics), iPod, magnets, warming pads, gum, tank top, gel pads and pointe shoes.