The Red Shoes, Brooklyn-Style

November 28, 2001

The Red Shoes
, that most classic of all ballet movies, is getting the ultimate cool-kid treatment next week. The hipsters at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema and the bad boys of VICE Media have teamed up to present the film in 35 mm print, thanks to a meticulous restoration done by Martin Scorsese. The legendary director once told Time Out London that The Red Shoes is his favorite film because he’s “intrigued by the obsession, the need to dance. To be an artist. I guess it all comes down to that wonderful exchange early in the film when Anton Walbrook confronts Moira Shearer at a cocktail party. ‘Why do you want to dance?’ he asks, and she answers, ‘Why do you want to live?’ ” It’s the perfect explanation of what makes this film so brilliant—that, and the fact that back in the day they included multiple minutes of actual dancing when they made dance films. “Breaking Pointe”: Take note.



Catch the film at Nitehawk Cinema on Tuesday, August 27 at 9:30 pm.