Watch PNB Recreate Giselle—Live

November 28, 2001

Peter Boal isn’t the type of director who shies away from a challenge. This spring, Pacific Northwest Ballet won’t present just any Giselle: They will attempt to stage the Romantic ballet as it was originally intended. To accomplish this, Boal has enlisted dance scholars Doug Fullington and Marian Smith to investigate the Stepanov notation from 1899–1903 and French sources from the 1840s and 1860s. 


The new full-length reconstruction will premiere in Seattle on June 3. But you can get a sneak peek this weekend when PNB dancers Carrie Imler, Carla Körbes, James Moore and Seth Orza perform excerpts of the ballet at the Guggenheim’s Works & Process series in New York City. Boal will also discuss the process of digging back in time to rediscover Giselle‘s early choreography with Fullington and Smith. You can watch Sunday’s performance streamed live here at 7:30 pm EST.