Welcome to Guest Blogger Yuan Yuan Tan!

November 28, 2001

The following is a guest blog by San Francisco Ballet principal Yuan Yuan Tan, currently on tour with the company in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stay tuned for more posts from Yuan Yuan!

Today is Friday [August 21] and I’m in Copenhagen—jet-lagged, big time!

Yesterday, I went to class and then to a contemporary art museum with fellow dancer Gennadi Nedvigin. It required a train ride out of Copenhagen of about half an hour. On the train platform we ran into some other dancers and SF Ballet staff, and we ended up all going to the museum together. I was really impressed with the work of the Danish artists that I saw, including the beautiful outdoor sculptures. After we looked around, we sat outside at a cafe that overlooked the sea and talked, enjoying the nice weather. At about 7:30 pm, we took the train back to the city—and I crashed as soon as I got back!

This morning I feel more awake. I just took class. Next up for me, two rehearsals and the opening of the first program tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on how the first performance goes; we’re all really glad to be here!