Watch 5 Principals at Czech National Theatre Share the Prep (And Pain) That Goes Into Their Pointe Work

March 8, 2018

We’re used to highlighting the onstage videos of ballerinas—showing off the more glamorous side of the not-so-glamorous work that goes into the end result. And while we’ll never get tired of watching those moments, it’s refreshing to see videos like the latest from NOWNESS that feature an up-close look at the prep behind the performance.

Known for featuring dancers on their YouTube series (check out this one from American Ballet Theatre’s Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside for a refresher), NOWNESS’ most recent video included above, “The Pain and Euphoria of Ballet,” takes a look at five principals from the Prague-based Czech National Theatre. Sharing their pointe shoe rituals (which includes some serious reconfiguring), the dancers also get real about the blisters and aches that come with spending your days on your toes—an interesting watch, and a nice reminder that the pros deal with sore feet, too.