Another Argument Against Vitamins?

November 28, 2001
A few weeks ago, we told you about a study that found vitamins may not boost your overall health. Now, there’s even more negative information about the wonder pills.

A study reported in The New York Times found that synthetic antioxidants (vitamins C and E), often taken by athletes to encourage muscle recovery, may actually hurt physical performance. The study monitored 54 athletes, who completed an 11-week workout regimen. After exercise, some members of the group were given vitamins C or E, while others took placebo pills. Those who were given placebos had a boost in the biochemical markers that create mitochondria, which rev up energy performance. The individuals who took vitamins had a much lower count.

Though the idea needs more testing before we can make more assumptions about supplement health, it’s probably wise stick to natural antioxidants, which were excluded from this particular study, but are known to be safe. Try a handful of blueberries after you dance.