Another Dancer Leaves the Royal Ballet

November 28, 2001

It sounds like there’s a little turmoil over at the Royal Ballet. The Telegraph has reported that soloist Dawid Trzensimiech left the company for a principal contract at the National Romanian Ballet, citing a “lack of care and coaching.” Meanwhile, the Royal’s corps de ballet was recently in talks with their union about being overworked. (The compromise resulting from the discussions is a lunch break scheduled into the dancers’ days.)

Many big shots have left the Royal Ballet within the past few years. In 2012, star Sergei Polunin ended his contract. Johan Kobborg left in 2013, and is now director of the National Romanian Ballet. His partner, Alina Cojocaru, is with the English National Ballet, where former Royal Ballet star Tamara Rojo is also artistic director. (That’s not to say that the resverse hasn’t happened, though; Vadim Muntagirov recently left the English National Ballet for the Royal.) Is it uncanny timing, or does all this turnover hint at problems behind Royal Ballet’s curtain?


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