Got Sore Muscles? Try Adding Turmeric to Your Diet

June 13, 2018

Most commonly consumed as a powdery spice, turmeric has seen a recent spike in popularity but has been used in Indian and other Asian cuisines and natural medicine for centuries. Today, it’s often consumed as a natural anti-inflammatory and a dietary supplement for a variety of medical conditions. Comparable to ginger, turmeric tastes warm and peppery. (It has a slight kick, so a little goes a long way.)

Looking for a natural way to decrease muscle soreness? Try incorporating a small amount (a quarter teaspoon three times a day) into your diet in these ways:

  • Stir into hot tea or hot lemon water
  • Sprinkle over scrambled eggs
  • Mix into rich, creamy soups or stews
  • Use as a seasoning for roasted vegetables
  • Add flavor to a meat-and-veggie– based stir-fry
  • Sprinkle onto chickpeas, toss with olive oil and bake for a crunchy snack