#FBF: New Year's Resolution Edition

January 1, 2017

After combing the Pointe archives for some much-needed New Year’s resolution #inspo, I found these gems from 2012: Five professional dancers on what they hope to accomplish in the new year. Their thoughts are as applicable now as they were then. Enjoy!

Jumping into the new year like Lindsi Dec in George Balanchine’s “Rubies,” (photo by Angela Sterling)

Pacific Northwest Ballet principal Lindsi Dec: Seek positivity and gratitude.

Miami City Ballet principal soloist Jennifer Lauren: Stay in the moment.

Richmond Ballet dancer Maggie Small: Use physical therapy to tune into your body.

Former Boston Ballet dancer Shelby Elsbree: Learn a new language and share your journey on social media.

New York City Ballet principal Abi Stafford: Read more books.