Frozen Yogurt Dos and Don'ts

July 9, 2013

Frozen yogurt shops have taken over the country in the last three years. Believed to be a healthier option than ice cream, fro-yo feels like a free pass to indulge in a sweet treat without the guilt. But when shops are stocked with numerous flavors and a bar of tasty toppings, the “light snack” can easily become a calorie bomb. Here’s how to navigate the fro-yo line without regretting it later.



  • Reverse your way down the self-serve line.
    Start at the topping station first and put lots of fresh fruit in your cup.
  • Ask if they have a smaller cup. Many self-serve locations have smaller containers or kids sizes that they don’t put out unless asked for.
  • Treat yourself to a spoonful of one sweet topping, such as dark chocolate shavings. It will make you feel less like you’re depriving yourself.
  • Make it a social event. We are less likely to eat as much when out with a group compared to eating alone, so grab all of your friends and head out for a treat together.



    • Fill your cup to the top.
      The cups are typically large; you don’t need yours to overflow.
    • Spend more than $4.00. Aim for a serving the size of a single scoop of ice cream, or as big as a tennis ball.
    • Mix flavors. Our taste buds get overwhelmed by experiencing different flavors at once, making you want more of all of them. Stick with one flavor to feel satisfied.
    • Think sugar-free is always the better option. Sugar-free often means artificial sweeteners, which actually increase your sweet tooth. Ask for the nutrition information so you know the ingredients before filling your cup.