Ask Amy – Web Exclusive

October 2, 2011

I’m going on tour for the first time this month, and I’m worried about my meals. How do you stay healthy on the road when you can’t prepare food at home?  —Daria

Years of touring have taught me that you can eat well on the road—you just need to be a little resourceful. Ask your company manager for your hotel information and check out its amenities online. Some offer rooms with kitchenettes, while others have microwaves and mini-fridges (you may have to rent them from the front desk, but it’s worth it). Then search for nearby grocery stores. If there isn’t one within walking distance, try organizing a group trip with the hotel shuttle when you get into town. Even if you only have a mini-fridge, you can at least buy dry goods, fruit and dairy products for breakfast and lunch. Many hotels also have breakfast buffets with healthier alternatives like cereal, yogurt, fruit and eggs. You can snag a few things for lunch, too and save some money in the process!

If your only option is to eat out, look for sit-down restaurants, delis or coffee houses rather than fast food joints. Sometimes your options will be slim—in one city, my dinner choices were limited to a pancake house and a gas station. In these cases, you have to make the most of it. Who says you can’t have omelets for dinner?