Tour Diary: Inside the National Ballet of Canada's First Ever Tour to Russia with First Soloist Jordana Daumec

October 24, 2018

Ready, set, it’s time to jet!

Hi all! My name is Jordana Daumec. I’m a first soloist with The National Ballet of Canada. I’m currently taking a break from packing my bags for our tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg where we’ll be performing at Diana Vishneva’s Context Festival! We are bringing some amazing ballets to Russia: Being and Nothingness by NBoC choreographic associate Guillaume Côté, Paz de La Jolla by Justin Peck and Emergence by Crystal Pite. The company is super excited to perform in these two amazing cities that have such a deep history in ballet.

Entry 1: Pre-Tour Preparations 

Packing for the tour! Photo by Daumec, Courtesy NBoC.

The question I am facing at this moment is, how will I fit all my outfits in my suitcase as well as all my dance gear? This will be Tetris to the max! I guess I’ll start with my packing must haves: a few pairs of jeans, nice boots, a few sweaters, a jade face roller, face lotion, pointe shoes, foot roller, favorite warm ups, a good book for the plane and my crochet projects—there are a few of us in the company that crochet, it’s like our version of a book club. Besides packing, I’ve started doing research on some of the places that my friends and I could visit in between shows. Red Square and Hermitage Museum are the top of my list—can’t wait!