Quickfire Questions With July/August Digital Cover Star Jake Roxander

July 3, 2024

To get to know Jake Roxander, our July/August digital cover star, a little bit better, we asked him a series of quickfire questions. Read on to hear more about the American Ballet Theatre soloist’s dream roles, preshow routine, typical day off, and more.

What’s your favorite part of class?

Jumping and turning!

Your least favorite part of class?

Adagio, which is why I make sure I go two or three times.

Do you have a barre spot?

It varies, but I like to face sideways to the mirror.

What ballet shoes do you wear?

Wear Moi Vestas, canvas.

Jake Roxander performs onstage, taking an attitude derierre with his right leg lifted. He cocks his chin up slightly and smiles confidently. He wears white tights and ballet slippers and a rust-colored tunic; behind him, a crowd of dancers in Renaissance costumes mill about and dance.
Roxander as Mercutio in Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Rosalie O’Connor, courtesy ABT.

What’s your dream classical role?

Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake.

Contemporary role?

I’d love to work with Twyla Tharp. In the Upper Room is a favorite.

Where do you hope to tour to?

Spain, Paris, and Japan.

What’s your preshow routine?

I listen to music, eat some simple carbs, go onstage and try my hard steps five or six times to get the “bad ones” out.

What do you love about living in New York City?

The culture. People here appreciate the arts.

Favorite movie?

I’m a huge movie buff. It’s too hard to pick just one, but as a comic book nerd, of course I love superhero films, especially Spider-Man

What’s your day off like?

I’m a homebody. I like movie nights, reading, drawing, and resting, if I’m not rehearsing for a side gig.

What’s your living situation like?

I just got my own place in Queens! I love it. I bounced around Airbnbs for a while, and when I was in ABT Studio Company I shared a room at the 92nd Street Y that was so small, one of us had to get on the bunk bed for the other one to leave. So I’ve come a long way.