Learn From Balanchine

November 28, 2001
We’ve all secretly—or not so secretly—dreamed of training under the one and only George Balanchine. His technique, incorporating extreme speed, angular lines and athletic strength, isn’t one that’s easily learned.
But while we may not be able to study with Mr. B firsthand, The George Balanchine Foundation has helped fulfill his wish of creating a video “dictionary” for today’s students. With over nine hours of content, The Balanchine Essays give dancers a visual description of his technique, showcased by former New York City Ballet dancers Merrill Ashley and Suki Schorer. In addition to step-by-step technical demonstrations, both Ashley and Schorer also provide explanations of how specific aspects of his style were applied to his ballets through the years. It’s a hands-on history lesson dancers will actually enjoy.

The ten-part Balanchine Essays DVD set is now being sold by The Balanchine Foundation for the general public. For information and to purchase these videos, contact [email protected]